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Gathering Ceanothus in the Cascades with my buddy Glen

Lawrence Birch, herbalist and wildcrafter, artist and shamanic practitioner, is also a licensed massage therapist (OR #19963) and certified chiropractic assistant. In other words, he's got a lot going on!

"I was born in Salem, Oregon, a fourth generation Oregonian. I grew up living in the Willamette Valley and in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas of California. In many ways, I had a magical life. An only child for the first 14 years of my life, I spent hours alone in communion with nature in the woods or on the beach. After my little sister Jessie was born, she would often accompany me on my explorations. We continued that legacy most recently during a long and memorable road trip we took together to visit the hidden reaches of Baja California in 2008.

I started growing herbs in a big way at my Grandfather's home in Albany, Oregon (see 'The Story of GivingTree Farm Herb Company' page) and then branched out from there.

I have a degree in Painting from the University of Oregon and still maintain a private studio. I also studied at Oregon State, so I am both a Beaver and Duck (don't ask me to choose sides!) If you are ever at the Eugene Airport, take along loving look at the colorful and dynamic mural on both sides of the entrance way to the terminals. That was painted by one of my art teachers from OSU, Nelson Sandgren and his son.

I have over 1,000 hours of herbal study under my belt and am still teaching, seeing clients and taking classes. I attended a lecture by Stephen Harrod Buhner about a year ago at the Naturopathic College in Portland that was illuminating and very enriching. I will be teaching in Eastern Washington this summer at the Fairy Congress which should be quite fun, very much looking forward to that new experience.

My philosophy of life is mostly about service to the people and the plants I love, it's that simple. All of us need to heal. All of us owe our existence to the plant people, without whom, we could not live. I am constantly amazed at the beauty and wonder of plants and what incredible things they do every day.

What a blessing to be on this earth at this moment with you!"

~ Lawrence Birch, January, 2015

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