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What grows on your land? Find out with a Native Plant Survey!

Fee negotiable beyond W Valley

Have you ever wondered what plants might be growing right outside your door? By having a native plant survey performed, you will learn about the identity, uses, and ecology of many of the your green neighbors. Makes a GREAT gift!

Signs You Might Benefit From A Native Plant Survey:

Maybe you just moved in and the previous tenant left behind a wonderful array of plantings or a beautiful garden, but you're just not sure what all those green treasures are that you've inherited.

You want some confirmation about what you think those "really interesting looking bushes" are.

You love plants and suspect that there's more to your backyard than just "weeds."

You're ready to learn exciting things about the green world just outside your window.

There's a bunch of different wild-but-edible-looking plants that you're almost certain are safe to eat, but you're smart enough to "ask an expert" first before you begin "grazing with gusto."

You have been wanting to create a permaculture garden, but realize that a thorough understanding of what might already be in place on your property is the first place to start.

Let Lawrence help you discover the common name(s), correct botanical name, and any useful information about the amazing plants growing just beyond your doorstep. With his broad-based knowledge as a gardener, herbalist, wildcrafter, botanist and landscaper, plus his years of experience teaching all of the above, Lawrence can help you turn the unknown jungle around you into a satisfying source of familiarity and understanding for years to come. Your survey can be personalized to meet your specific needs and terrain.  By the end of our time together, you can expect to know the names of 90% of the native plants (and a good many of the landscaped plants, if any) on your property and many of interesting facts about their lore and uses.

Surveys can be conducted at any time of the year, but are most commonly administered from spring through fall. However, many plants can be identified even when dormant and it may be easier to locate certain plants during the winter months. More than one survey performed during different seasons may be helpful in determining the full extent of plant life growing at your location.

Survey Fee:

Within The Albany Area: $25/hr (two hour minimum)

Within The Corvallis/Lebanon Area: $35/hr (two hour minimum)

Outside of The Area (Within Willamette Valley): $50/hr (two hour minimum + travel expenses)

Outside of The Willamette Valley: Negotiable!

Customized Survey Report (Including All of the Identified Plants On Your Land With Their Common Uses): $25 extra


Owner of GivingTree Farm Herb Company

Herbalist for 25 years

Landscaper/Gardener/Designer with 25 years of experience

Served as a Botanist with Oregon State/Forest Service

Private Instructor of botany, taxonomy, herbalism and wildcrafting skills

Thoroughly enjoyable/entertaining person to be around and easy to learn from

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